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Summer vacation. Her young anus just poured semen. Part 5

 Samvel and  Arthur immediately to a request by a comrade, and raised his hips .
 Moreover, it is slut - on her face, covered with saliva, semen, dried in your hair,
the smile froze, and his eyes were merry . It was obvious that Kate was very tired ,
 her anus just poured semen. And the boys planted her  on the penis, and slowly began
on Jora omitted. Kate moaned,  her was hurt, but very nice. Planted on my bride of
the monster in full, they released her. Grabbing her by the tight buttocks, Jora was
himself raised and lowered it on his penis. At some point she began to moan, shaking
 her apparently covered with another orgasm. She screamed that she was a slut, a
 whore, a prostitute, only fuck her . Arthur    lay down on her the top, going into
her pussy. First, they Zhoroj fucked her in turn and then  to drove his tremors and
became fuck to the beat. Kate softly wailing. But not for long - an empty mouth
immediately took Alex, freeing it from time to time for Samvel.  It lasted long
enough. After that, her  to fucked all together and one by one. My future wife, has
 become a whore for the evening was lying almost unconscious. All the hair was in
the semen  her face turned into a dried crust of the holes, which was  my pussy and
ass, pour semen.
Rested guys  to drenched  with  Kate  water,  then put her on  knees and she began
them sucked. After so many orgasms semen was little and Katia all swallowed. So she
 went to the room.
 On the way, her caught up with Arthur and handed dress and panties, which wiped the
 cum from the table with the words:
 - Well, what a slut, tomorrow again, or   boy all will  know, and  we will be to
 fuck his.
- Are you intrigued. Organize tomorrow. And if we take the boy - dance well arranged.
 I just quietly returned to bed and pretended to be asleep.
 - Slavik , sleep? - Kate tugged on my arm - and really sleep. This shows missed.
 Until tomorrow. -She lay down and fell asleep. - Until tomorrow - I said.

Summer vacation. The huge penis in your ass! Part 4

 After that, taken from Arthur cigarette caught her breath and eagerly inhaling  said:
 - I never thought that I so want to fuck. You fucked me like a whore. I never
thought that it was so fine. If only Slavik did not recognize. By the way I still
 want to. Here are just a break and you can continue. boys do you like?
 - Do not worry, bitch,  he not know - he sleep  drunk in the room. Tomorrow and
not he  remember anything. And  to fuck we have just started. . - Said Arthur. And
Zhorik your ass wants to try out after Alec.
 - You guys just do not tear me. And so - use me like a bitch. I like to be a whore.
Samvel   took Kate and inserted new penis to  her anus. Arthur meanwhile, slipped
back her mouth. And she went to the carousel. They fucked her so long - an hour
 exactly. How many times she had finished, at  me analyze could not - judging by
 the form she had cums almost all the time. Then Samvel wheezing, poured out   the
sperm directly into the anus and  he  went away, giving way to Arthur. Katy mouth
 not empty for a long time - on her mouth    planted his  penis Zhorik, holding her
 ears. Meanwhile, Arthur admired from both as ass Kate    pours his    brother semen.
 - I never thought that I would be   to fuck Kate. Yes, girl was  it. And it turned
 out, slut. And planted penis in her ass with
all the force. Apparently there is enough sperm, if  Kate fucked   a huge penis  in
 the ass,  she just moaning. And  she once again took to the mouth   the penis  of
Jora. Arthur finished rather quickly, and he was immediately replaced by Alex. Kate,
 meanwhile tried to swallow a fully   huge penis in Jora. And with some attempts she
 succeeded. She growled and  from movements in  her  pharynx to  I see the penis Jora.
 Alex fucked her with force, saying, - slut anal hole.  And really a huge hole, which
 was   my favorite ass.
- Put   on my ass this whore.
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Summer vacation. The semen drips out of her anus and pussy . Part 3

It can be seen was like trying to swallow my favorite, but it is not   - there were
 too many sperm, following portion went to her face and firm young breast.
- Oh, pretty bitch, never that way before does not suck -  said Arthur.
 Meanwhile, Alex went on furiously fucking young pussy of Katya, apparently felt a wave of
 the first wave of orgasm and she just cried:
 - More, More, fuck  me! As a whore in all holes!. Creek broke in half - Samvel just
pulled my head bride on his penis and began to fuck her in the mouth.
The groans were replaced squelch, smacking, and wheezing. Less than two minutes as
Alec, abruptly planted on  penis  from vagina my Kate and  he rapidly to cums. Then he
 took and the remnants of the seed poured into her small female ass and inserted his penis in her
ass  again once the full length. Kate tried to wriggle and scream, but she did not
 it . Samvel firmly fucked her mouth on  his penis, and it was evident that he is
now also cums. With almost immediately, and occurred. The boys took out their
 penises out of holes  Katie . It has been seen as the semen drips out of her anus
 and  pussy. My penis was standing - a show I  saw, of me incredibly excited.
Meanwhile, Kate was standing on all fours, to came Jora. At first he tried to insert
   into an already prepared by the small young ass his penis, but he not entered and a half, as
my future wife apparently howled in pain. Then put a giant of his penis to her pussy
 and saying, okay, guys ass for me to prepare more, but pussy - already time to fuck.
 And his huge penis slowly began to move. Gradually his pace grew. Soon after he
fucked her on the fours, winding his fist on the hair and tits squeezing his hands.
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Summer vacation. She was naked, and her young pussy is wet .Part 2

Kate said that we were going to visit her friend. In  the jeep was her cousin Arthur  and Samvel's  , his brother  and his friend Alex. The thought that Kate will fucks  several men,for me excited. We were given  first-class room - air conditioning, double bed and shower. That is, the owner was Samvel. One of the rooms occupied Alex with his older brother Zhora, and the second Arthur lived. We sat down and immediately began to drink for friendship. Ate we barbecue and drank wine. Soon Samvel offered to drink the brandy.
Kate said that she had a runny nose. I remembered that I had a bottle from medicines
 and gave it to spray. Sniffing shock Thai dose potions, my Kate was experiencing a
 moment excitation. And in five  minute she is no longer gave   Report.
- I went to sleep -  i said her.
 But I to look by Kate and saw as she pulled  off her dress and said for mans  that
 she wanted to fuck and  to drink brandy. After drinking a glass of brandy, she told
others that she wanted   fuck . To request a second time guys do not I had to. Arthur
 pulled out a thick dick and said:
 - Want   fuck  -  to  now suck my huge dick. Kate knelt down and picked up instantly penis  in
the mouth, immediately swallowed him on  whole length, and moving his head up and
down. Arthur held her by the hair and saying something like - suck suck slut. At the
 same time Alex pulling  my fiancee's underpants.
 - She was naked, and her young pussy is wet , - inserting his penis, long and thin in her pussy
 he said. - and can be seen that the small anus fucked recently.
Kate was strung on two penises as on spit, saliva hanging from her mouth, she
continued to suck in  Arthur, smacking his lips and uttering groans, like bellowing.
 Samvel and Zhorik  also no dress  her clothes. And if  penis of Samvel was of medium
 size - like mine - a penis, the penis  Jora's  in-twice as thicker than my, and most
 importantly long.
The same length, I only saw a black man in porn -  he was at least 30cm. The boys
stood and jerked off their penises in the waiting for their turn. Did not have to
 wait long - Katie pressed her head to his pubis, Arthur finished.

Summer vacation. I took penis out of pussy and slowly put Part 1

 It all started when I went on vacation with his bride. My fiancee Kate on three years
 younger than me. Kate - tall, slender with a third firm breast size with large pink
nipples. In sex, we like each other. Even the thought that my girl would  to fuck
 another man, and I'll be watching, it me excited. And by chance I learned that
there is a means to even the most frigid girl as she would wanted to fuck. Pasha
there  is  means  to put  into a tea girl. Within 15 minutes he fucked her in the
car. I poured the liquid in the bottle from the medicines and went to Kate, hoping to
 use it.
The meeting was stormy. Kate knelt down and my penis immediately disappeared into her
young mouth. Winding her hair Fist, I was literally fucking her mouth - she loved suck
dick madly, sometimes she had finished by this. I finished it right in the throat.
 Kate swallowed every drop. I lay on my back, and she began to suck my dick. Less
than minutes, the penis was standing again. My favorite of the village on top of me
and slowly began to climb and descend. Unable to stand, I put it on all fours and
dramatically fucked her at the most. She  moan , but I put the entire length of the
 penis again, and again increasing the tempo. Very soon, my beloved huddled in orgasm,
 and I slowed down a bit, and slowly began to enter in the ass. Anal sex, we not
practice. But today I have not encountered resistance. I fucked into her virgin pussy at the
 same time greased her anus . In her anus held three of my fingers, I got the pace
sharply again, while slapping her buttocks. I took penis out of pussy and slowly put
 her in the small young ass while fondling her clit. Again I started  to cum and poured his sperm
 into her female ass. Kate has brought himself to orgasm with your fingers and finished too.

Three girls at once - it is an incomparable pleasure . Part 2

I got up from his chair and was about to penetrate in  Svetlana hole, when suddenly
my dick stumbled on something soft and warm. It was the mouth Ani, she could do me a
 blowjob that I almost did not finish, but still managed to hold back their emotions.
 - First you have to   a good suck  in us- whispered in my ear, Olga. I was fully
convinced that Girls allowed me to get into them because I was registered on the site
 x-registar, and therefore, they knew I have no sexually transmitted diseases.  Three
 girls lay on the sofa, and I began to "handle" their pussies. At the time, while I
licked Olin hole, I Svetlana masturbating clit with your finger, they moaned with
  - Now you can properly punish us, - said Anna imperious voice.
She got cancer and spread her hands, her buttocks, her hole beckoned me over and I
inserted  penis. Olya meanwhile, up her cunt to Anya's mouth and she began to lick
 her passionately. A Svetlana sat down to us closer and guided our process: it took
 out   penis from the vagina Ani and passionately suck it,  and then held his tongue
 over the holes and re-Ani thrusting it into place. Then my girls changed places,
and I punished them by turns. - So, fuck me in the ass - said Svetlana. I really was
 not opposed to such action, and my cock entered the tight ass hole. I saw Anna climbed from the bottom and began to lick the crack of Svetlana. Her tongue covered the whole
 territory and touched my balls, from the action I felt very nice and in a few minutes
 I had finished, without taking penis. As soon as I finished and pulled out his penis,
 the girl began to lick her ass Svetlana. They tried to do well to draw and pussy has
 not gone unnoticed.In Anya's hole "worked" Oli fingers and vice versa. Thus, the
girls soon got their orgasms and collapsed exhausted on the sofa. We lay in silence
 for half an hour, and then I invited them to a hot tea.
 It was the best sex of my life, because as soon as the three girls - are
incomparable pleasure.

Three girls at once - it is an incomparable pleasure . Part 1

 Tonight I did not want to go anywhere, but my friends called me to go to the club,
 but I decided that I would stay home and look better a movie. I'm going to make
 yourself a cup of coffee and lie down on a comfortable sofa, as someone at the door
 rang. I reluctantly came to the door and opened it. On the threshold stood three
girls, my friends: Anna, Sveta and  Olga, they were obviously drunk.
- Hello. We will not disturb you - not waiting for an answer, the girls came to my
- Why are you so late? - I asked.
- We then brought the champagne, we decided that you're home alone, bored,
- said Anna.
- Yes,  me basically was not bored, just going to watch a movie.
- So, we are on time, - said Olga.
While the girls took their seats, I took the glasses and opened a box of chocolates.
We have included a movie, drank and have to enjoy watching. But soon I heard the
sweet moans turning, I could not believe my eyes.
 Svetlana shoved hand into panties to Anya, and she in turn and made a pleasant sound.
 The girls saw that I was interested in this show more than what was happening on the
 TV screen. Olga also did not lose time and merged into a tender kiss with Anna.
Girls passionately kissing each other, I felt like my excited dick and hardened.
 - Girls, I have already all wet - Anya said and then stood up and began to undress.
 She took off her bra and out He seemed to have dropped two ripe melons. Olga took
her young breasts in his hands and began to play with them. Svetlana at  the time removed
   the Anya panties and opened shaved pussy, which looked like a ripe peach. me
seized by a desire to go to Anya and lick juicy cunt, but I kept my impulse and
observed for further actions of the girls. Svetlana and Olya also quick to get naked
 and teasing me with her charms, took up lesbian love. Anne sat on the sofa, legs
spread wide, Svetlana  began to lick her hole, while it masturbated himself. Olga
climbed onto the couch and sat her hairy pussy on the face of Ani, which is   tongue
 licked her swollen clit. I was so wound up that the girl did not pay any attention
to me. I felt that my balls  about to burst, so I pulled out my hard cock and started
to masturbate looking at the girls. They, in turn, changed the position, and now
Svetlana lay on the sofa, stretched his legs, and both girl licking her slit, from
 which the river flowed liquid. To tease me even more, the girls began to push the
 sex lips Svetlana in different directions, so thus, showing the beauty and charm of
 pussies. I could not stand it any longer, I moved one desire and lust possession of
 these girls, they are so cavalierly boasted of their charms.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

corporate Part 3

I listened to it first  as she  groaned under their caresses, and
then finished out loud. As they groaned when she sucks the dick in both
simultaneously. As they fucked her simultaneously. I've seen one and then another man
 walked into the bathroom to wash her female ass after the penis. Suddenly, she sat down
and began to suck on them penises, and I looked through the keyhole, as she does.
 She caressed them tongue, both the penis took in the mouth one or the other's penis,
 then took them both.
Initially, she was holding in hands penises, and then the guys took them into their
own hands and began to masturbate, trying beat penis on the tongue and lips. Here's
their testes have already tightened. That's it! They finished at a time. They shot
sperm her straight in the face and mouth,on her tongue. She put out the tongue to
collect semen, and then swallowed it. Then they called the taxi pulled up. They are
gone, and my wife told me that was it a huge pleasure. Now she is sleeping
contentedly. Sex, we will have tonight. I fuck her in all holes, if  she permit. And
she said to they her well-fucked ass. But still she did not tell, but I will try it
 well fuck her  too.

corporate Part 2

Sometimes he gripped her tight nipples, and sometimes fingered caressed  her clit. According
 to her moans, I realized that she had already from finished, and his movements that
 will soon come to the final. And so it happened. He grabbed her young ass with both hands
and began to thrust his penis to its full length. He wanted to penetrate as deeply
into her body. And here again he fucked ass to her  and cums in her ass. On the floor  dripping    cum with her  holes . Then she sat down and began to strain and  sperm quickly at poured   output from  vagina . I must say this guy it  to cums very  much sperm, a good pool of gathered under her .
 As a result, they were absent for about forty minutes, and I pretended to be drunk,
 no stick to the issues wife. only After we sat down with her in a taxi, I allowed
myself to touch her  pussy. She spread her legs, and my fingers felt the humidity of
 her vagina. I told her what I saw, and I want to fuck her until morning.To which she
 smiled and said sorry, now it does not, that they agreed with the guy on the meeting,
 When I go to sleep, because I'm also drunk. She said that he invited her to a
threesome, where will he and his friend. My wife agreed, and he invited her to come
to his home. By this turn of events, I was angry at all.My wife offers me to let her
go on a date night with two strange men! And  I agreed, but with condition that I'll
 be there, at least in the stairwell. Oh, brothers, perverts, that it was now for the
 night! The room for which had disappeared, my wife and I could see how these two man
  fucked my wife.

corporate Part 1

It happened on Saturday. The company where my wife  , arranged in a  restaurant. The
 evening passed as usual, drink and make merry. I must say that my wife went with a
man. I first heard his groans. I saw a beautiful picture. My wife suck dick of young guy. Her
 head  to move on the penis, and her fingers caressed his balls and stroked his tight thighs.
 He stood and watched as she sucks penis . Here he was ready to cum, he took her 
head , he tried to shove his penis deeper into throat of my wife. Then there was his
growling. he held her head and began move  his hips, he fucked  in her mouth and
finished. Finger nails dug into his wife's tight butt, she continued to suck and
swallow all that he blasted into her mouth. After that, she still held it's penis
in his mouth, and then released, but  she continued to kiss and gently caressed the
 head of the penis.
I thought that they should return, but them were not. It took about fifteen minutes,
 and all of them do not come . I thought - really they continued. I crept back to his
 place of observation and saw what had expected. I heard the groans wife and  he
bangs her female ass. This guy was standing behind and fucked her fast pace. He just fucked
her furiously, and she moaned loudly. Her breasts swayed by his every stroke.

Hot Day Part 4

Julia clutched in the hands of the grass  and the moans of pleasure flew out of her mouth.
Yes, it is pleasure, the pleasure that her afforded Dima moment ago, did not go do
not in any comparison with pleasure from anal sex. It is an indescribable pleasure,
 when the penis is fully immersed in ass and a feeling that it touches all the
erogenous zones of the body without exception. Julia then straightened his hands,
again rested on her elbows, her head, then fell down, so that she could see her
 breasts, then rose up. And Julia shook his chest, and Dima does not reduce the
rate fucked in her young ass, pounding his penis fully into the anus. Finally, Julia,
could not stand, it was not so strong as Dmitri, and sat down on his stomach,
feeling like a penis comes out of it. But Dima was not going to stop, he grabbed
her knees buttocks and thighs, and again put Yulee his penis in her ass. Julia
screamed with delight, which has reached such a level that she thought it would
explode from the a tsunami climax. Dima stroked her back and he moaned with pleasure,
 and then he rested his hands on the ground, stretched their legs along the feet of
Julia, and continued to fuck her hard and fast. Finally Dima felt the to pour sperm
 is already close , storm of ecstasy washed over both of them and penis cum shot
straight into the anus of Julia. Dima has made a few final thrusts and taking out
the penis  out ass of Julia, and lay down beside her on the hot sun on the grass.
He and she were unable to move, and lay on your stomach Julia , Dima on his back.

Hot Day Part 3

They went into the high grass thickets. Dima Julia knocked on the grass and
proceeded to kiss and caress her young body.  And her chest pressed against  to his chest,
 and their tongues continued their wild dances. Then Dima sat on her stomach and was
 led by Julia his penis between her firm young breasts. Julia hands clutching his chest, moving
 the penis between them . His penis Dima 25 inches in diameter and 5. Julia stuck her
 tongue, so that the head of the penis hit the tip of the tongue . Then, Julia put
her head on the grass and opened her mouth, making it clear that she wanted to caress
her lips penis of Dima. He was leaning on his hands began to move penis in the mouth of
 Julia. Julia felt like  penis glides over the tongue, does not penetrate too deeply.
 He fucked her in her mouth, moving his hips and buttocks up and down. Then Dima took
 several deep penetrations, so that Julia felt the penis touches the throat. The guy
 pulled out a penis . Dima was down below, first kissed Julia on the lips, tongue and
 then caressed her puffy nipples and, after a tongue on her tummy, began to stroke the
 inside of the thighs of Julia. Julia thought that Dima make her cunnilingus, but he
 abruptly put his penis in her and started fucking.
Julia liked it even. She spread her legs wide for penis into the vagina was not
 enough space, so 10 cm were always outside. Julia could see how  goes in and out
 the penis. Bust of Julia shaking with the speed with which Dym fucked her, and her
mouth was not closed with the sound of pleasure, covering all body.
- Want more deeply? - Said Dima.
 - Very - Julia replied, realizing what he wants.
 Dima took out his penis.
 - It will help you, - said Julia, and a little spit on the penis Dima, after which
 the tongue saliva smeared across its length.
Julia knelt down and leaned against the ground with his hands. Dima is a little spat
 on the anus, and then   three push in the small young ass put his penis  . Dima began to slowly
 move the buttocks, while the penis was not fully included in the small ass of Julia. And
then, clasping her waist started strongly and sharply to fuck in the female asshole.

Hot Day Part 2

- I myself am going there in the heat of the river and only need a rest! - And she
 thought: "He looks strong, interesting, and how long will it be enough to have sex
with thesmall young  girl, resting on the outstretched hand? "
Julia took her from the passenger seat her purse to Dima did not notice there
faloimitator which forthcoming work on the river away from prying eyes.
 -So many people ... I was hoping that there will be less, - said Dima. - Okay, thank
you for the ride!
 Fortunately, you relax! - Said Julia.
Julia went on, and stopped at the part of the coast, where a lot of shrubs and trees.
 Swimsuit with Julia was not, she always sunbathing nude. Julia went to bed, letting
the sun's rays caress her body. She closed her eyes and her eyes immediately Dima
appeared naked, his penis is stood diagonally upward. She presented as Dima as thank
fuck her on the hood of the car, and these thoughts she slipped a hand between her
tight  thighs. Her fingers began to move rapidly into the wet pussy and the other hand
 caressed her clit. But that Julia was not enough, she took out Bags, 20-inch
 faloimitator, and realized that she now and this is not enough, it was necessary Dima.
 Julia decided to swim. Cool water gently caressing her naked body of Julia, and she
 lay on her back so that her breasts could be seen above the water surface.
-Julia? - Heard a familiar voice   .
 - Dima? - Julia took a vertical position, but her bare breasts were still perfectly
 visible and under water. - I probably suffered over ...
- Topless bathing-, - the water was so clear, and Dima saw that Julia is not on the
  - You want to fuck me? - Julia pressed her chest against his chest and kissed
 Dima. Dima was the tongue immediately Julia in her mouth.
 -   Went  on shore, - said Dima.

Hot Day Part 1

Women's hands   confidently drove the car, the right leg  on the gas pedal.
The girl straightened red hair and lifted her short skirt, revealing black panties
completely. In this position, the girl was    hot because the heat skirt clung to
her female ass. After another jump in the left wheel snapped. The girl straightened her
skirt length is only allowed to cover up the young ass and climbed into the trunk for the
 jack and wheel brace. She was able to enjoy all this, as in  her 29 was unmarried
and did everything myself. Sitting next to the car she began to shove a jack under
the car. The girl did not immediately notice that from the Forest came out the guy,
 his long shirt to hide a strong erection, which arose at the sight of black panties   of the - under the skirt.
 -Can I help? - The guy came closer, immediately switched to the "you" and pointed
out that under the topics of the girl bare breasts, two nipple bulged slightly.
-If you are not hard, - she answered, lifting her head up and evaluating athletic
training young man. -
 What's your name? - She asked, looking like a guy deftly drawn with replacement
  - Dima, and you? - The guy changed the wheel and looked at the girl's slender legs.
 And on that hot summer skin girls remained light, she seemed particularly attractive.
- Julia, - said the girl.
 - Thank you, - said Julia, who noticed the erection Dima when he changed the tire.
- How do you thank?
  - Up the river go? - Said Dima, and he thought: "Your lips would have looked
perfect on my penis!"