Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My tormented ass

 I worked   in this house five months. The owner was quiet, good man.   The corporal punishments were registered in my contract, including  smoking of a house.  Now  you prepare all for punishment in the room ", - the owner  said.
The owner himself has put me, on knee - under a breast has put pillows, has raised  my petite fenale ass . My wet pussy  opened for his eyes . And he has  caressed  my wet pussy by the hand. He   has entered  his huge dick in  my small hole.  My  tormented ass get  pain  . And  him  penis  was huge ...
Probably, from unexpectedness  effect ,  I do not know... But my small young ass have accepted  his big penis,  even with gratitude. His penis   not pain, at the first moment, as is usually at anal  sex ... Simply, i  wanted to involve  penis  wholly in my anus  . Both of us have finished, almost simultaneously. His penis  inside my anus pour sperm.
By the way, to  smoke I has not  thrown , I love , when    punish .

The provisional boy fuck her young asshole

When my boss has left,late in evening,after end of reception of the clients,to me
has arrived Ànnà.She has taken my dick into young mouth. I have felt as her tongue
gently caress my dick. I began slightly to move my penis, helping thus by a hand.
I began fuck in her mouth,in the throat.I did it at first slowly,cautiously, but,
she took by hands my  young asshole and strongly has pressed to itself. I fuck her, as the
iston in the motor gradually increasing motion. The girl stood in front to me
and in her eyes was request only: « I want! I want! I want! ».I fuck her greedy opened
mouth long. Then i inserted the my huge dick in her young pussy. But she has helped me by the
fingers to direct the penis in her young female ass.For me already all the same in how her hole
fuck.Her small brownish asshole on a gentle body. I took up her ass by greedy hands,
and began to enter my big cock. My huge dick moving in her anus.
- It pain!- said she , but not let out penis from her small ass. Her female ass strongly
sit on my cock,in all depth of her dark hole.I fuck her with such speed, rigidity
and force,as if from her ass already,there was a smoke. She make also rotary motions
by her young ass. At last my penis by a white fountain poured sperm. Her so much,that she
has not gone in in her anus. Shelicked sperm by her tongue,from my hand .
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Monday, August 6, 2012

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