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The taxi car.I began fast fuck the small ass of my female! Part 3

I could not stand such a picture, ran to kiss his beloved, to feel its taste and flavor of another penis,
someone else's sperm. I'm not just kissing her, I licked her lips! The driver, began again to fondle his penis, right next to
our face. I took him by the buttocks with one hand while the woman's hair and
injected into her mouth his huge dick, and pulled kissed the lips of my wife, so it went
 on for a long time, until Natasha did not take the initiative.
She hinted to us both that it was time well we fuck her like a dirty slut in the two
 penises . Her young ass  was a virgin, so to develop it took me, and she was, riding on the
driver's penis and  led him to her small pussy. After some are not pleasant for Natasha
movements, her began to enjoy anal sex, the more When her pussy fucked another thick
So we fucked her for a long time, she was moaning, screaming that she slut, dirty
 and lustful, and this further us pleasure. After a while we pulled our penises,
quickly put her on her knees on the pavement and began to cum on her face, her mouth
 open, her firm breasts were many sperm .
  Then he fell from weakness back into the car, we do not know how much just lay there
 and could not come to after that. Yet some time later, we all looked at each other,
 smiled happily, put themselves in order and continued the journey home. I thought
about what happened, all the feelings that went through me and left after that, but
 my favorite was asleep on my shoulder.Since we are a taxi driver had not seen each
 other, phones, I did not share the thought that one more time with him is not as
good as has occurred. Going home, we both took a shower, and just to recognize each
other in love and made  love ...

The taxi car.I began fast fuck the small ass of my female! Part 2

My penis was standing, and demanded the continuation. My wife cums many times from my
 fingers, and the driver looked at us and jerked off his large penis. My wife noticed
 this huge dick. I pulled the fingers from the small pussy and began to fondle my penis.
 She caressed herself, her young tits with one hand, the other hand caress her wet pussy and looking
on  driver, on his huge dick.
She turned to me and in her eyes I realized, that he would like the same as it is,
and she understood everything in  my look. Not to mention, not words, she took my
penis in his hand and began to masturbate, and her mouth took up an penis of driver.
What a thrill I experienced from it, it does not pass! My beloved wife of the
passionately sucks a stranger penis .
 With one hand, I again began to fondle her small wet pussy while the other took her by the
hair and stick deep into someone else's body. It's not just the excitement and lust,
 I have seen this kind of beauty - her  lips sucked  nice thick male penis . But we
 had a development, I looked out of the car lane, all the long sleep, do not be shy
 anyone. Then I walked around it on the other hand, opened the door and settled down
 to a delicious ass favorite, began her fast fuck!
 The bliss she even looked up from
 a penis of the driver than the one and used the it to quickly put all seat, turning
 the car into a big bed. And once again brought his cock to my wife's face, but this
 time he became jerk it quickly and soon ended in her open mouth. How many sperm
there were, it dripped and dripped from corners of the mouth.
The continuation will be published later....

The taxi car.I began fast fuck the small ass of my female! Part 1

The taxi car.I  began fast fuck the small ass of my female! Part 1
 It happened in the summer, we is drunk  and caught a taxi to the our home.
 Located in the back seat, we were laughing and drinking champagne. The driver, a
young dark-haired, silent, was driving , tired  his look  looked in the mirror at 
us . We with my wife  began to kiss more passionately, I was immediately seized by
 a desire, my hands are free to stroll through the sexy body of his wife, on her long nude  legs, on
 her firm breasts . My wife spread her legs, I stroked her small pussy through her panties.
Then she gave a sweet moan, which attracted the attention of the driver, he became
 increasingly look  at us. And we did not care , no matter what   prevented for him .
 I carefully went into  wife's wet pussy with two fingers, even more than she gave
 a loud groan and the driver has understand what was happening in his car behind.
Natasha stroking my cock, I helped her to release the 20 cm my penis. Forgetting
about the driver, she began eagerly sucking my hard cock, her mouth glided over her
tongue licked it from top to bottom, as she eagerly took it. I took her mouth began
 to stick to the cock, the faster and faster! I have finished and the jet of sperm
 hit her in the throat. Natasha tried to swallow it all down to the last drops.
I looked for his wife and the driver, who must have been very excited. I spread out
 her legs and began to fuck fingers! It does not restrain moans,  she bared her firm young
breasts and squeezed it with both hands, covering the eye. I fucked her and watched
 it at her, then at driver. I wish that he'd seen it all, what would it look to our
 enjoyment. I spread his legs even wider than  wife, the driver understood my hint,
parked, and turned to us. The continuation will be published later....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 8

They were taken to school, but not simple, in her pupils and teachers were
subordinate to their operators. nothing at all shy. John immediately noticed that
the little girl sucking a penis of an adult male, apparently teacher, and he tried
to shove it in your mouth a little big penis to the end. John could not control her
 own body, for it did the operator, the boy could just watch his actions and all
feel. Operators brought John and his sister in the class and put behind desks. The
 class had about 30 students were all in age from 16 to 18 years old and were dressed
 peculiarly, some girls were sitting in class in a mini bikini some boys were
sitting in the anal vibrators and holes could be seen how these devices deliver
them pleasant experience. A minute later started the lesson, the teacher came to
class about 40 years, a smart woman with large breasts, elastic buttocks. The
teacher continued.
 - The topic of this tutorial, Anal sex, I'm sure everyone will like it.
 The children applauded, and the hands of John itself also began to clap.
 - Just want to tell everyone that we have now two brand new, this is John and
Mary - announced the teacher.
 - My name is John, I love anal sex, I've sucked a few men's penises, and I liked
the taste of their sperm, I love when I'm fucked in the ass I want to turn into a
real whore.
- My name is Maria, I am John's sister, I liked to fuck with him, but I generally
like to fuck with everyone, without dildos in their holes, I start to get bored, so
 fuck me.
 The teacher, came to him and took off her skirt, dangled before the eyes of John's
 just a huge penis.
 - What surprised?
 - I trans-whore, I'll teach you all things, and - said the teacher.
As a result, she entire began to fuck  John, to planting penis deep into his anal
hole. While the teacher fucks John's ass, sucking penis, Maria's brother, then the
scene changed, Mary fucked John and teacher both in the pussy and ass. The girl
moaned endlessly it seemed, she had never experienced so much pleasure that sex
took place before the eyes of teenagers who masturbate their penises or pussy. The
 teacher brought to the board all the guys  , and John began to suck their penises,
 the boy felt a strange, sucking penis peers. Students sometimes laughing, seeing as
 fucks John and screamed all the new positions, are even more humiliated boy. In the
 end, John fucked his new classmates at the same time in the mouth and in the ass,
the bay of his sperm from head to toe, and Mary was forced to lick all of this

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 7

He fucked him, slapping his hand on my ass, leaving red marks. John just tried to
impose anus  on deep penis, nothing of it depended, because of his limp body
controlled by the operator. Soon, John felt a strong the flow by penis and  sperm
gushed into his mouth. The guy slapped his palm on his cheek and walked away,
leaving John smeared in semen.
Once people came to John, and bound his hands behind his back, tying it to any post,
 his eyes as tied a black blindfold. It felt like someone came up to him and pulled
 up her skirt. A moment later his penis Someone began to greedily suck. John did not
 know what to do, he was used more self sucking someone than when it is do. But his
 mysterious partner did it so skillfully that he was just relaxed. Then he felt as
his penis became soft pussy: it was a woman, and she planted on the penis of John to
 fuck him.  Her current pussy squelched when his penis came out of it. I must say
that John liked to fuck this bitch, she moaned, moving his penis back and forth.
When he had finished, she at once took his penis in her mouth and began to sucking
cum, but with the eyes of John tore the bandage. His penis sucking his sister,
Maria. John was a bit shocked by what had just fucked his sister, but he liked that

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 6

 - My name is Angela and I'm your lady, pleased to meet with their slaves. I have
 been providing customer service and you really come to me for the role of sex
slaves. And you have to fulfill fantasies, which You do not even dreamed of. It is
 very convenient that you both are well designed holes and you want to fuck. You will
 enter nanorobots that will control your body.  For you will manage the people, and
you will do whatever they want. Such as you have about 500 people, a small village
closed. So for 3 months  going to appear on the show. Upon arrival, they inject
robots, and John and Mary felt that they could not move.
 - So,  relax - said the lady, now  will manage of your freedom.
Operator John was a woman of 45, she had long dreamed of a little boy full control
and turn it into an insatiable little whore with a fondness for big penises. The
operator of Mary was a man of 50, he immediately told the girl that she forgot her
 hole, she help him realize his dream to become his little whore with huge holes
 between their legs. And then the show started. Puppets can not see what they come
 up with the owners, and were completely at their mercy. John saw a young black guy
 with a huge penis. He knelt down and took in his mouth black penis. The guy began
to fuck John's mouth, crudely leading penis on his face, then again, thrusting into
 his mouth, he fucked his so deeply that John was afraid that he will pull out, but
 he continued to enjoy  and sucking a stranger penis . Then the guy , put on all
fours and  began fuck in ass.
The continuation will be published later....

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 5

- Do you like the way you fucked in the little ass your new lover?
 - Yes, very much.
 - What did you like most?
 - I liked the most, when Nick called me a whore, fucked her big penis in petite anal
 hole, but still I liked it when he finished on  my face, and the taste of semen.
 My sister listened to the story of her brother, and not hesitating, masturbating
her pussy.The girl is actively stretched their holes by various phallus in her pussy
 and small anal hole already visited probably all from the collection of John's penis,
especially the girl liked the huge size of the dildo, they are so well stretched
her juicy pussy. John also had a device that was fucking a woman in an automatic
mode, it was only necessary to set the desired attachment. Mary loved the dildo only
 large and very large sizes. The girl was located in a special chair and enjoy the
view as a dildo fucking her in the pussy and female small anal hole. It is filmed on camera and
sent to Mrs.. Ms. approve hobbies young whore and she told her what kind of
 attachment it is best to apply in next time. Marie has set up the video so that it
 is automatically removed when as she fucks and ends. And this fact and has played
 a cruel joke with a young whore. On one occasion, carried away by fuck on two huge
 penises, Mary did not notice as fell off the mask from his face, and automatically
 set off all the pictures mistress. Now Maria was in the same situation as her
brother, sister, she was completely at the mercy of their Mrs..was also a slave to
 her mistress too.
 - I see a slut, that you yourself decided to drop its status to that of his
brother-whores. Tomorrow I expect both of you  will like it. At the appointed time,
 John and Mary were in place. It was a studio. Youngsters met a woman.
The continuation will be published later....

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 4

He said that he will do it without pain, it is necessary just relax.They drank more wine,
 and he began to play with him small anal hole,  put his finger back, then a small
vibrator, a hole was already a bit stretched  from gaming devices . Still, he
worried about that it is now extended even further. Nick put her face down and began
 to insert into  petite anus  his penis. His penis came quite easily, then it became a bit
 painful. Joanna suffered. And then came of the penis in her soft small ass, and went back.
 It is finished.
Now she really was initiated into whores. He began to move it back and forth, the
 translational movements. After a while the pain is gone, and Joanna felt a growing
 excitement. It is already in full podmahivat my friend, I do not notice it, she
liked to be a sex toy in the hands of the powerful. when he finished it, she felt
the warm semen poured into her anus. It was incredibly well. He said that he really
 liked it and suggested that if she wants to meet again sometime, please.
She said she was not opposed and asked him for a favor: take a picture of her ass
she sucks his cock, and how it fuck it. For this case Nick fucked her again, while
 taking pictures on a cell phone and removing the video. He did not even ask why
it is necessary, but when shooting hid his face. So, just in case. Once they
finished, he drove her to where he took. Speak your real address Joanna did not
 want to. After telling his sister about his adventures, she presented her evidence.
The continuation will be published later....
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Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 3

So, John was slave. Now the first task for our whores John: he mustsleep with any
 man, and send the proof in the form of photographs. If you fail, then the term
virtual slavery double. John was a little confused. It is one thing - to be depraved
 whore in a virtual anonymous space, and quite another - real life. John began to
think about where to get it man.
He is registered on a dating site in the network, posted a few pictures where he was
 in the form of a girl and  waiting for the  huge dick. At the appointed time, John went
 to the avenue, he was dressed like a real slut, short skirt,  shoes with heels, and
 short coat. From the side it looked like a beautiful girl. A minute with him braked
 the jeep. John turned and climbed into the car. Behind the wheel was the driver,
and next sat his new friend. His apartment was impressed by Joanna: rich environment,
 Nick was a rich person. They drank wine and watched TV. Then, imperceptibly Nick
lay a hand on his thigh Joanna. it embarrassed, but she remembered why she was here.
 Nick began to fondle firm breasts of Joanna. She often breathed.
Nick started to kiss her on the lips. His kisses were so tender that Joan just
melted. Nick took off her skirt , kneeling in front of Joanna. When he withdrew
it before it was brought Joanna's penis, which is already began to rise. He took
it into his mouth and started sucking. Joanne was happy, the man was able to
deliver pleasure. Here is Joanne took in the mouth of his penis. His penis was
rather large, and Joanna thought about how her petite ass can fuck  him big  penis. Nick
 grabbed his head and pressed it to Joan to his penis. She moved her head up and
down, fondling his penis tongue. His penis did not fit in her mouth. After a few
minutes, he began to breathe and often finished in her mouth. Cum flooded the
face of Joan, she made a blowjob in the real world, repeating what has recently
done in the game. After that he became her hole lubricated with some cream, and
 she realized that now his  would be to fuck real penis like a real slut.
The continuation will be published later....
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Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 2

Turning his head, he saw that next to an arrow stuck in the ground! He saw two
women, who fired him from the bows. They had some leather straps, as shorts, and
arrows. From the bushes came out two transsexuals with big penises.
"The new person , finally!" - One of them cried, John dropped to the ground. His
 hands were tied behind their backs and they  put him  on their knees. The first
 transsexual came to him and put his dirty penis  in him mouth. He smelled of urine
 and semen. John choked first, but then began to lick it to your tongue. Second
transsexual watched over them, stroking his penis. Sucking penis, John put the tight ass
 and waiting for of the second penis enters his virgin ass. The first trans  to cums in
his mouth a torrent of sperm, which resulted in mouth and chin in sperm . After that
 he ordered to lick his penis, John obeyed. The second trans approached him and
grabbed his hair, John lie on ground. John got on all fours, lifting up the ass to
make it easier to fuck. After  trance spat on his anus  and began to insert his
The continuation will be published later....

Insidious game.The huge cock in female small ass. Part 1

 The new game, John was called "the kingdom of treachery and lust," the boy decided
to try it myself. This game had a sexual connotation, the game had to be pumped
character in several ways. pass sex quests in which you want to seduce a men and
have sex with him. Need to fuck other characters players. This feature was only
available to characters of higher level. During this experience could buy new
clothes, to develop new skills and upgrade your character's body. But there was a
 downside, if you fucked the other  me  a man , he took away your experience and
the character is enslaved to the of me that me fucked and forced to perform all the
 orders of his master. John had a chair on which he could put his cock in a special
 nozzle, which aired almost real touch sensations to the penis, the nipples, he
imposed a special bandage, as well as anal dildos, which  the situation in the game,
 can change its size and diameter. John sat in a chair completely nude, gently put
 yourself in a tight ass inserted anal dildo, which was the minimum diameter, but still
gave the boy pleasure. Under the rules of the game, if a character falls 
 to another character, without permission of the owner an armchair not let the user
 and he can not get out of the game.  And without the consent of the owner can leave
 the game but only after 12 hours of continuous connection.
Boy made  athletic body tall, added blue eyes and black hair. Then he made  a huge
 penis. Choosing the type of soldier, dressed in animal skins, leather belts
strapped. As a huge weapon chosen club, strewn with thorns. The game began.
The continuation will be published later....
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Fuck my little petite ass

Ira will always remember this first time on anal tryouts simply because she had such a wonderful time. The way she warmed up to the idea of having a cock in her arse was wonderful!
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The first meeting. A little rubbing small petite ass . Part 2

I cum over and over again, not I know how ... The consciousness of fog ... At some
 point, I did not even realize when you came into my little girl ass, do not taking out a
dildo ... and pain ...   as you me have  fucked anyone so not fucked  never ...
"It hurts!" - I said, moaning, crying and  you enjoyed ... I know one thing
- I want to ... You take my hair, pulls her head back, insert the penis into
the my mouth and   cums  twos ... I gratefully swallow sperm ... a little bitter
taste, and i fall down exhausted from sex ..
 - Untie me please - I whisper ...
 You're slowly, slowly, take off the blindfold, and I see your smile ... get up,
find the keys and take off handcuffs, and then get up on his knees, his hands
pushing my legs and gently spend your tongue on my wet pussy ... helps me get up,
then - a shower ... and we'll , drink brandy out of tumblers, and a lily on the
table has already started to dissolve the next bud ... Tomorrow a new day ...

The first meeting. A little rubbing small petite ass . Part 2

I never think  how  much strikes, but always seems to me that this would never end ... I am finishing
  was at this time? I do not know ... just the pain and pleasure merge, I do not
remember that happening to me ... But wet ... sometimes  want to close hand, but
they are in handcuffs ... you just put the belt on my waist, I  feel him, his
strength, his searing touch of ...You take me by the hair, lift up your head and
 you see  eyes, in  which are the tears ... and a plea - take me ... But no, this
 is only the beginning ... You gave your penis to me on the lips, I'm already ready
 to swallow it, as  pet, but you do not give, again, teasing me. I stand and
I wait ... And everything inside is compressed between the legs ... and flows ...
You patted my female tight ass and abruptly, without warning ...You put a double dildo ... this
dildo - in both holes at once ... I tensed, biting  lips  from attack strap on the
ass, I cried ... Finally, I felt this dildo inside ... it hurt, but I was able to
relax and draw it into himself ... in the petite ass and into the young vagina at the same time
 was, I would now like this - fuck me  and You pressed the dildo ...
 - Stand up - i felt as he moves penis ... now I have to tolerate his presence in
me ... And then you tied my handkerchief eyes ...
Feelings are always aggravated at this point, I become helpless in total darkness ...
total submission ...  And the dildo that was inside me excited simultaneously in the
 two holes, I kneel before you and lick, caress your penis, pull the moisture out of
 it, enjoy the taste of your semen. You bent me, knelt down to i put her elbows , my
 hands were still handcuffed, they were causing pain . You pulled my panties and
started to fuck me ...this is penis that was inside me, in both holes at once ...
The continuation follows........
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The first meeting. A little rubbing small petite ass . Part 1

The first meeting. Part 1
 We sat in the kitchen and sipped brandy  . Outside the window was dark ... I was
wearing a short tunic, stockings, elastic bands and small panties. Suddenly you're
standing behind for  me. And I realized that something was already happening
 In one hand of man had a strap and the second hand have the handcuffs ...
I got up and stood in front of you,  and me does not allow  to lift  my eyes .
 - Gave  me a panties and stretch out   hands!
 I obeyed, I knew that I would be ... The punishment - it is always painful, but
always so exciting, that at me can finish the thought ... between my legs immediately
 became wet ... snap the handcuffs on his hands ...
 - Turn around and put in a chair - the next order is already sounded sharper.
You tease, a little rubbing small petite ass  a  almost touching, I felt the stiffness of the
 belt on my young ass and is screaming to him - strike! But boy not in a hurry. At the bottom
 of the stomach something ached, I began to moan and move mine small female ass , with  strike
from   belt after ... and then followed by the first blow, as always unexpected
and ... hurt ... young tight petite ass.
"More!" - as zipped into my head ... And then you suddenly broke - was whipped with
 a belt, would now see my young ass .. probably already all red ...
The continuation follows........
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