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Sex stories of young maid. Part 6

Sex stories of young maid. Part 6
According to her face stream  tears, her hair disheveled.
Julia slapped her maid, grabbed by the hair.   - I   told to be gentle and not suck
 anyone who puts   penis in your mouth !  She was furious, dragged by the hair girl
 in a familiar room. She stuffed the girl into a large cell and locked the lock,
shouting:  - You disappoint me, you whore! Spend the night here, if you can not
please me!    The girl writhed and corner and cried. Such a shame and resentment
 she had never experienced. In the morning she was released. Ksenia has experienced
 incredible relief from the opportunity to leave his cell. She saw a new pile of
clothes.  Standing in the shower, she wondered how to beg forgiveness from the
Mistress. This time it was in  cozy pajamas.   The girl looked out of the bathroom.
 Opened the door, the maid saw the bed in which she lay. Plucking determination,
Ksenia quietly entered the room and climbed up under the blanket. She risked court
 over her , more anger, but hoping to make amends. Julia suddenly turned, hugged
and kissed her, whispered:   -Sorry, I'm fired up, you're not to blame. Falling
asleep, my little girl. Sweet dreams. Thus began a new life in the house of Mistress

Sex stories of young maid. Part 5

Getting up, she held out impressively:   - After 2 hours, come
visit. Bring myself up. In the bathroom a new form.    Ksenia lay on the couch,
eyes closed. She tidied up the room, washed, dressed.Short
skirt, barely covering the buttocks of girl, the corset is not closing the little tits, white
 stockings, shoes, a wide collar, decorated with chains. She looked very tempting.    -Stay until the next room, I'll call you.   She got up to let the guests relax. There, my friends, come along . When they entered the room, there was a roar of approving.   - Meet, a Xenia, my new maid. Obedient girl.     She stood with bowed head. A hand pulled to her and was on lap and  belly down.  The hand  began to knead her small ass, there was a burst of laughter, Ksenia looked at Julia. She sat with a contented smile and stared at what was happening.The maid saw a few people, devouring her body, her lips in a lascivious grin, hands, extending to its charms. Her body is crushed, pinched, someone fucked pussy finger, she looked at the Mistress. Noticing the pleading, Julia said loudly:   -Come on, she still works here, not just having fun.   The maid went away in the kitchen under the shouts of the guests. Her hair was disheveled, soft skin was burning, parched lips ... She brought myself up by listening to her body praised the guests, Mistress questioned, whether it be good at sex. Julia silent. Finally, the
hostess called her to her, and ordered to sit on her lap. Ksenia obeyed, clinging
 to her.  -Now we play the same game. You just have to lie, nothing more is
required.    Suddenly the room rolled into a big double decker table, on the ground
 floor of which stood a few bottles and plates, and on top lay naked maid. Guests
happily yelled. Around the girls were placed stacks with tequila, lemon wedge
squeezed her lips and torso girl was sprinkled with salt. People have expressed
 their admiration of the  great game. Rushed toasts, the guests ate a lemon from
the lips of the girl and lick the salt from her body. The maid  to lie and strangers,
 men and women stuck their tongues in her mouth. Julia watched. rang Mobile, she
got up and walked away. She came back and found one of the guests are literally
strung head girls on their penis. Her nose rested in the crotch a man out of his
 mouth were visible only by his balls. And she was both forced to sit down on a
bottle of champagne.

Sex stories of young maid. Part 4

Xenia in silence, without moving, watching it.  - Hands-ache, perhaps?
I'll go down on your land, you should not try to escape.  Carefully removing the
clamps from the wrists, and clips from her chest, she took her little girl on the
 leather sofa. required kneel down and again went away.   - So, not the first time
 fuck on all fours!    She gave a strong slap on the small young ass, she spread her buttocks
and spat into the ass hole. The unexpectedness of Xenia instinctively clenched her
buttocks, for which he received another blow. A little rubbed sphincter, she slowly
 introduced a finger inside. The girl screamed, I'm Julia angrily spoke:   -Say
thank you, I do not fuck  without preparation. Now  listen and remember: this place
 belongs to me, you have my word expose his small ass for me. Do you understand?  She
leaned to his ear girl, squeezing her throat by hand, by introducing a second finger
 in the young ass. Xenia nodded.   -What do I have ordered?   -Thank you.   Gasped the
girl.   - Good-bitch deserved promotion. So are you going to call me Mistress,
sometimes Julia.   Without waiting for an answer, she introduced a maid in the
ass with a decorative cap tail, resembling a horse.  She sat on the sofa, spreading
 her legs. She still wore belts with a dildo. She made it to  girl sucked penis
occasionally patting her pussy and pulling the plug in the anus, the girl's head
sticked   to the phallus. Then began to fuck her artificial penis, the clitoris at
 the same time pressing vibro-stimulator. She moved quickly, entered deeply and
saying:  - So cums -how cute. At first so , after  then she'll be jumping on it.
 Less than five minutes, as she writhed in the throes of orgasm. Without forces
fell on the sofa, she froze. Julia took off her Belts and again sat on the couch
with your feet apart. She said the girl at her crotch, Xenia most vigorously was
licking her clit. Try it had not long, noisy hostess finished  , face pressed to
 the her wet pussy.
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Sex stories of young maid. Part 3

 She rushed to the door, but was stopped by strong hands.   Xenia writhing, screaming that she wanted to leave
her to let go. Hostess House reached out to the clamps on the ropes and
snapped them on  their hands. After she got up, grabbed the remote, pressed a button
by running the lift. The body of the girl rose up, she jerked, trying to be released.
 She rose so high that she barely touched the floor with the toes. Julia came over
and mocking smile, said:  - Well, I see that you do not mind. Wait a minute,
I'm prepared.  Xenia continued to scream, she wanted to run away from here. Julia
has a penis on the belts, wore it for yourself grabbed the clamps on her nipples,
gag and a whip. Returning to the girl, she opened her jaw, inserted into the gag 
mouth, buttoned straps at the back. Xenia continued to scream, but do it out loud
it is not possible. hostess felt the terrified girl's breasts and kissed her nipple.
 Gently grasped it with his teeth, but at this moment a servant jerked in another
attempt to escape. Howled in pain. Julia, quietly but confidently said:   -My dear,
 if you will be so jerky, then you will be hurt. And I'll hurt you. Stay obedient
bitch, or I will plant in the chain.  The maid grew quiet and stopped struggling.
Julia continued to practice with young tits : a twisted them, passionate kissing, then
tickled. Trailers and clips, she picked up the whip. The first blow came in the
back, Then the breast, buttocks, thighs ... She shuddered, the pain was tolerable,
 but noticeable. Whip enough, Julia retired again and returned with a small bucket
of water. She pour on the naked body from behind and in front, it has become feeling
 the pink stripes left by a whip. She spent on them with fingertips, slipped tongue
  kiss ...
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Sex stories of young maid. Part 2

-You're in my home and works for me. I will
require the submission and implementation of my requirements. So generously as I'll
pay you, do not pay nobody.  Her hand pressed against  to hot wet pussy. Ksenia
started. Here the hostess told her  to lie down on   back. Julia touched the small tight thighs of girl's.
Xenia screamed, but was stopped by a firm voice:   -Believe me, I will help
you relax after you I'll find yourself a favor.   She went away and came back with
a vibrator, told her  to turn over and  arrange the legs. Julia undressed and sat on
top, leaning to face maid. She kissed her, gently touched her hands, easily squeezed
her tight nipples. After she got up and sat her on the face of  vagina , saying:   - So, 
is now work  the tongue.  Xenia awkwardly, carefully and slowly began licking hot
vagina in front of her face.   - Does not work, I do not like.   The girl began to
 move the tongue bolder, faster. Julia was seriously excited, thought a minute and
it will end, but suddenly she stood up and raised her hand  maid.   - I expected
more. You disappoint me, will have to punish you, to the next time  have worked
better.   She grabbed the girl's neck and almost dragged her into a room. Opening the
door, she pushed the girl  closed the door key. Looked  about the room, Ksyusha was
in  fear. It was the dream of a sadist. All around were swings, a rope for bondage,
clamps the limbs, cell, handcuffed, Whips, Vibrators ...
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Sex stories of young maid.Part 1

The young maid .  She was a successful business woman, sensible and serious. She set goals and
 achieve them.   Despite his success in the work, remained attentive man. In general,
 the work occupied her thoughts. And on night became  lonely.     Called my
girlfriend.   -So, I'll find a girl, very fond of the order,  she agree to clean
the house.    Crossed the threshold of a fragile girl in jeans.  -Welcome. I Xenia,
 on the advice of  girlfriend   .   -Hi. I'm Julia. I will give you a month trial
period and see how you cope.   Ksenia looked  on Julia straight in the eye. She
stared at the servant. Thin hands, flat young stomach, slim  legs, the girl was good.
The smooth curves of her small body to like of Julia. Going round the house, the hostess
invited the girl to drink tea.  Julia said to dress into work clothes. The girl
does not understand why this is necessary, but had curiosity. The hostess comes out
 of the room . When she returned with a glass of wine, she saw the maid in white
stockings, a short black dress, out of which  see panties.    -Do not argue, you'll
 work at me. I think you will not mind if I sit here and watch you?  After a while,
 Julia beckoned her to him and told her to pour more alcohol. The maid made
requirement.   -Tell me, do you want to be a good servant? Do you want to get good
money?   Yes, of course.   -Get on your knees.   She clenched her hand hurt her.
 Then Julia kissed her on the lips.
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In the cinema . Part 3

Suddenly I came to myself again. Orgasm was again a strong and lasting. From my
convulsions, finished and Igor, I felt his semen spilled on my young ass. We were afraid
to move and give yourself some sound, enjoying orgasm. Finally went down and washed
his hands out, Igor stepped back, his penis go out of my ass, I lifted the lid and
sat on the toilet. Cum dripped from my ass, I held up hand, caught a couple of drops
 and licked her fingers.
 - Very tasty - I said with a smile.
Igor and stood in front of me, in his continued erection, his penis gets up and all
shiny from sperm and my juices, rocked my face. He was absolutely clean, so I took
 it into his mouth, and  my lips several times caressed him penis  .
 -I want to, - said Igor.
 -I do not know ... - I said, but continued to suck.
 Igor was a little orgasm, his penis was trembling with excitement. He himself began
to move her hips, fucking my  the mouth. Again, someone entered the toilet, I lifted
her legs, so as not to notice that the two of us in the booth. Igor took me by ankle
was uncomfortable. The visitor went out, and soon began to finish Igor. Sperm were
many, it is literally flooded
my whole mouth, but I swallowed , the penis out of my mouth outputed clean and shiny.
We quickly put themselves in order and  go out of the theater. And  film did not saw,
and immediately went to the hostel.

In the cinema . Part 2

 I do not suck as much as simply rubbed on the penis lips, cheeks, licking it from 
a base up to the head penis. I pulled off   jeans and panties, so that if someone
would come  , he would have opened a beautiful view my hole. While in the dark they
were hard to see.
 -I  finish it! - guy whispered to me.
 I immediately pulled away from the penis.
- If you want to fuck me, have to go . If anything, I'll wait for the toilet - I said.
 I looked around in the corridor was empty, and quickly went to the toilet. We
quickly ran into with Igor booth and  closed.
 It was clean, smelled of air freshener. I stood on the toilet seat on his knees,
put her hands on the wall. Igor  decided first to fondle me of  his mouth: his tongue
 touched my pussy, walked up to anal hole, then began hard to lick all my holes . I silently
moaned with excitement. He fondled and caressed my tongue, trying to get deeper into
the pussy, then caressing the clitoris, why I wanted to finish. orgasm was close, but
 suddenly he stopped, half rising to pussy penis, and sharply put the entire length.
From this me have covered an orgasm, a short but sharp, and Igor has fucked me in a
good pace. He fondled my firm breasts, pinched my little tight nipples. I just had finished a lot , to
 help of Igor. Soon I was covered another orgasm, now long, stringy, and Igor's not
stopped, even a little slowed the pace. Suddenly he came out of me. -I want to fuck your young  ass - said, rubbing saliva into my ass hole. I just silently spread my buttocks with his
 hands and relaxed. Igor put his penis to the hole, put pressure on him and penis
penetrated my anus. Together we sigh loudly when his penis slipped into my ass. I
began furiously rubbing pussy, feeling the approach of another orgasm. Suddenly the
door slammed: someone came in, we were afraid.
The continuation will be published later ....

In the cinema . Part 1

In the cinema . Part 1
 The next day we went to the movies. It was evening, the bus is nearly empty. We sat
in the back, there were three men in the front with the conductor and all. The guy leaned
towards me and kissed me on the lips, his tongue touched to mine pink  lips. Me was
immediately thrown into a fever, and his hand rested on my crotch, easy squeezed
through the jeans and panties. I literally jumped off the bus, hoping that the other
passengers did not notice that guy caressed me.The hall was almost empty.
 -You see, the film uninteresting, so room is almost empty - I said.
   The audience was five people, all close to the screen. We decided to sit on the
last row that away from people, to also see better. I understood what you can do
interesting. I unzipped his jeans, trying to make a the least possible noise. The boy
did not notice anything. I slipped her panties under her palm and pressed the hand
to my crotch. I began to fondle my untouched pussy. How did good to masturbate, if nothing
 else to do! I rubbed and rubbed my pussy, which gradually became wet. Excitation
was growing, and in the lower abdomen become hot. Soon I was covered orgasm, I
finished enjoying. Then I pulled his hand out clothes and licked my wet juices on
-What are you doing? - guy asked in surprise, only now noticing what I do.
 I smiled and sucked his thumb. Then Igor saw unbuttoned jeans, and finally
 -Oh, you pervert! - He said indignantly.
 -I was so bored ... - I said.
 Igor suddenly kissed me, our lips have merged, we started kissing. His hand touched
my virgin pussy.
 - Yes, you've got there all wet! - Said Igor.
We kissed and he put two fingers in the pussy and began to masturbate me, quickly
moving them up and down. I moaned.
 -Quiet! - Igor said, removing his hand. - We are not alone in the room to hear.
 I bent down to the crotch of Igor.
 Hey, what are you doing? - Igor indignant whisper.
 -Shut up - only I said, pulling out his penis.
It was soft penis, but I immediately started to suck it up and soon Igor relaxed,
laid his hand on my head.
The continuation will be published later :)

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small asses

Some of the girls are really curious about the taste of the dicks that just came of their asses. And there are young men that will satisfy them gladly! Awesome gangbangs of young tight asses are waiting for you on small asses

Adult Game. Part 3

Suddenly the Master's penis frantically entered her last time and began to
finish the jet of sperm into her mouth. The boys, who was fucking her
throat also began to cum and sent striker flow of sperm into her mouth,
too. Galina swallowed and swallowed, she gasped sperm, because the man who
fucked her in the ass, too, finishing in her mouth. An infinite number of
sperm from her mouth   many men who have fucked her in all her holes and to
cums in her mouth.
And all the men cums in her open mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, because
 sperm gushed into her mouth in a large number and a very long time. However,
 it  was something in this. Finally, the sperm no longer flows to fill her
mouth.  In sperm was covered everything: the mouth, face, hair, neck, eyes,
breasts. She could hardly open her eyes, filled with sperm. And her vagina
and anus large gaping holes torn. These are the games  the boys with
female vagina. ...

Adult Game. Part 2

Galina was surprised how much it might
be nice to feel in three at a time penis, which fuck her in all holes. A
few minutes later her covered the long awaited orgasm. Convulsively
clenched his the hole she made all three of them to finish. The mans got up,
 got dressed and took her. Galina disappointment looking after them - and
that's all they can? Suddenly, her holes were filled with penises of other
boys, and  her little tits  squeezed strong hands.
 Looking down she cried even harder into her small pussy moving something huge ...
probably it was a cock of Owner. Going into her vagina after he began making
the frictions, his penis just stick her through. In this while the other
fucked her ass, in her mouth was inserted into the penis of other boy. Such wild
sense of it covered with the first time in her life. Galina did not know
how many times she had finished, but its a holes for a long time  she did
not feel. and She, like a robot substitutes its hole for the next boys .
Gradually the pace increased and Galina felt that rises to men orgasm.

Adult Game. Part 1

After yet another orgy, Galina was taken to wash, releasing  her from the
cell. She was forced to bathe and wash off all sperm, and immediately  her
filed guards. Galina was taken to a special room : there she was fucked by
their bosses . It was about 5 mans. Galina carry out their orders: it all took turns
fucking, then the guards forced them to lick the whole semen on their
 The one man said.
-The owner wants to play.
He abruptly pulled out his hard cock , Galina began kneeling to fondle his huge dick.
Over time she finally   she was excited, the mans behaved dissolute, they
pinched and tormented her. Two severely Teasing & pinched her tight nipples.
Finally after several minutes of blowjob master had finished. However, his
penis was standing again. Of course in such my body, as I have every penis
would be stand -  thought Galina. The girl is very excited and waiting,
suddenly the chief security guard lay on his back, Galina inserting   penis
into itself. Another guard joined up from behind and put his penis in the young
ass by Galina. A third put a huge penis into her young mouth. Galina has issued a
convulsive groan and felt an orgasm approaching. Suddenly, the guards filed
began to fuck her simultaneously.

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Sex Revenge.Part 6

 This is even more excited. Kate screamed and moved toward her ass.
 - Oh, yes, Sir! I'm your bitch! Fuck me!
Ruslan was at the limit, these words of his moral satisfied. He drives the
forces from all his penis in the ass Katya, with gladly take it. The girl
all the way to spread on the penis, screamed and froze. It is finished.
Ruslan left out of her pussy, made  a few more pushes and pulled the penis.
 Kate felt the heat on his back and a rather smile . And he stood over her,
generously pouring back. They were both shocked by what happened. It was a
great experience for both, but even this did not save them relations. Kate
spent the day in  Ruslan, having a couple more times to have sex, but in
the pussy. That such was her tour of the city, in which she will never
return, and the meeting with a man she never loved him, but could not
remember ...

Sex Revenge.Part 5

He tried to
develop as a hole for his penis, a little pushing the fingers. Katya's
moans from his joy. When she was aroused to the limit, he decided on a
major actions. Again, brushing his penis and her hole, he put the penis
inside, and stopped, giving time to get used to it virgin ass. Kate gasped,
but restrained himself and tried to relax again. Her  was hurt, but a
little nice time. Ruslan reached out his hand to her clitoris and began
massaging it. Kate relaxed and he could log . Slowly he brought the whole
thing again and stopped. Her hot ass tightly encircled his penis, he enjoyed
 this sweet sensation.Ruslan began to slowly fuck her ass, oiling allow the
 penis to slip easily into her tight ass. Kate silent, getting used to the
new feelings for themselves. The pain subsided, the feeling grew, and the
fact that it has stir it into the anus. She started to have fun. The girl
moaned stronger with every movement of the penis in her anus. Ruslan and
started fucking her ass at full force.
- Take that bitch! You deserve it - and hit her on buttock.
Kate was the answer harder moaned. She liked his words, her pussy was
flowing and nice ass on fire. Ruslan started desperately to fuck her,
pulling her ass heavily on his penis. An unprecedented passion captured both.
 moaned too. He put his fingers into her pussy and felt through the thin
membrane movement of his penis in her ass.
The continuation follows........
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Sex Revenge.Part 4

He admired the curve of her body, held his hand over his
head, neck, along the back and stood  near her ass. He knelt down and
brought his penis to her pussy and began to gently touch, to drive them on
the lips. Kate wanted   his penis entered , her hips moved , but Ruslan's
waiting for her words ...
Their were not. He took  blindfolded Kate, then returned to her ass. She
 tried to listen, but could not understand what is happening, until she
felt something cold on her ass. She shuddered with horror and began to To
request not to do this:
 - Please, just do not go there. It is better to take my pussy as you like
hard and deep, but in the pussy!
 - Too late, bitch. Your time is up - calmly replied, Ruslan and took her
by the hips.
Kate felt his hot penis at the entrance to her ass. And  the tears rolled
down her eyes. She was terribly frightened and did not she knew what to
expect, except for pain. Ruslan decided that rather frightened of her, and
would  have it so hard it rape,  in  her hole. He sat down and caressed a
tongue on her pussy, he again began to fondle her clit . Kate is no longer
started crying and moaning softly. Ruslan gently put his index finger in
her ass, which instinctively cringed.
 - Relax, you fool. Will also be hurt - said Ruslan and increased pressure
of the tongue in her pussy. Kate tried to relax, but she  could only.
Finally, no longer thinking about what she will, she surrendered on her
sensation. Ruslan to enter the second finger. Kate took it much easier.
He carefully drove them in her ass, still caressed pussy.
The continuation follows........
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Sex Revenge.Part 3

Ruslan sank lower and lower, finally nearer to her pussy. He ran his
fingers over her panties and pushed them a little bit on her lips, dropping
to face them, he held the tip of the tongue on her labia. In the body of
the girl ran trembling. Ruslan was teasing her with his weak touch, she
wanted more, she moved his hips forward. He was caressed up even more, she
gave up. Sweetness her to touch , Kate flew away, but she do not want to
give him. She tried to hold back moans, so as not to give out as far as 
she wants. Ruslan  felt and increased the pressure. His tongue penetrated
deeper and deeper fondled vagina, forcing the girl to squirm in his hands.
Kate could no longer hold back moans, they escaped from her throat.
He understood that   took so long to endure, but he had big plans. Kate
started to bend so much that Ruslan required applying force to restrain her,
 she goes to cry. Waves of orgasm were coming closer and then, seemingly so
close ... but Ruslan  pulled back to the the last moment, leaving her to
suffer in anticipation. She  lifted her head and looked into his eyes,
begged him to possess it, except that he wanted to hear those words from her.
 She looked at him with loyal eyes, but said nothing. Patience Ruslan ended.
 He untied Kate, turned with a jerk on her stomach and forced to stand on
all fours. Wrists tied it again in the back of the bed, again making a
defenseless girl.
The continuation follows........
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Sex Revenge.Part 2

Ruslan felt a pleasant warmth and humidity that
made him involuntarily to sigh . Kate tried to take the penis as much as
possible, but still could not take his penis as a whole, therefore, helped
a handle, gently clasping the of his body, and leading her fingers up and
down. Ruslan closed my eyes and enjoyed the process, still directing her
head with his hand . Then he looked down and grabbed both of Katya's hand
and pressed to his thighs.
 - And now, without hands, bitch. Begin to work properly.
 And Kate herself began to sit down at the head of his penis, she all
carefully carry. Ruslan more excited that he holds her hand and she is
helpless. He began to moan and move her hips forward. Finally, the not
wanting to finish everything so early, he pushed Kate on the bed. He turned
to the cupboard and took out a belt. In the eyes of the girls could see the
fear. She was lying on his back, he sat on top, had his hands on her hands
and lifted them up, strap tied them to the back of the bed and grinned
 - And now everything is in my opinion, slut. Do you understand?
 - Yes, - quietly mumbled Kate.
 There was a slap in the face.
 - I can not hear! - Raising his voice, said Ruslan.
 - Yes, Sir. But   may not be  ?
- What are you, bitch, do not you understand? You're going to do what I
 want! But for your insolence, I will torture you until such time as you
can not begin to beg me to insert myself my penis so deep and  harder. In
response  Kate just closed my eyes, and Ruslan dropped to her chest and her
nipples  was on his tongue, he  just suck badly. Kate began to relax.
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Sex Revenge.Part 1

Ruslan and Kate finally met.
Ruslan caressed her body, his fingers felt the velvet of her skin, covered
with the waves of passion . She looked at it all as look lustful bitches,
prompting him to become more assertive. Ruslan  stroked the girl's pussy.
In response, he got her moans. Kate tried to reach out to the penis Ruslan.
He kissed her breasts, nice lying in bra, tummy spent   the tongue. He
spent the tongue on the pussy through panties, and returned to her face.
She wanted it. Just wanted to take revenge  Ruslan's  for all the pain 
caused him,  she is remembered for a long time. He ran a hand through her
hair and abruptly grabbed them. Katya cried a little bit by surprise, but
Ruslan closely looked into her eyes:
 - Well, here it is your time, bitch. Let me see  on what you're capable of.
 And he motioned her to have the floor. She understood him, to his hand,
still owns her hair, did not do more painful. Kate dropped to her knees.
 Ruslan released his penis and held it to his lips girls:
 - Suck, bitch.
Kate opened her mouth a little and held her lips on his penis, and then
licked him timidly, but the hand again, Ruslan took her by the hair and
demanded more action. She opened her mouth more and leaned his head forward.
 His penis slipped inside.
The continuation follows........
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Favorite lesbian ass hole. Part 4

Olga did not even know how
else to punish her: and she used clothespins before, but Kira loves this ,
and beat . But now she felt that her female petite ass is not so much stretched as far as
necessary. Olga took a baseball bat, she spat on her ass hole, gently licked
baseball bat in the widest point, and aggressively began to penetrate the
baseball bat in her young ass. Cyrus instantly screamed, trying to shrink. But
that's just angry, Olga, and she just started to thrust deeper and this
stick to her. The girl realized that trying to stop this useless and tried
to enjoy this execution. She tried to imagine in your head, how it looks
now, and to her  surprise, sheexcited  . Hips she tried to impose on a
smooth piece of wood more deeply, moaning faintly. Realizing that now  her
was comfortable, Olga began to fuck his girl mercilessly baseball bat,
putting it almost in half. Sometimes she put out a baseball bat, fully
considering this huge hole, and penetrated again, sharper and harder. It
lasted 20 minutes, after which Kira covered a powerful orgasm. She arched
an arc in the ass squeezing the   huge baseball  bat. Leaving baseball bat
inside the girl, Olga sat on the sofa, drinking more wine, considering
their own girl and pretty she smile

Favorite lesbian ass hole. Part 3

"From these words of Cyrus tried more quickly fingers massaging her
clit. Due to such weasel, Olga covered orgasm in 5 minutes, and she
dutifully licked whore all her juice . " So ,turn your back to me bitch.
Recently I did not check your hole "- said Olga hard. Kira quickly to
turned her petite ass to her, sticking her stronger wider apart nude legs. She seemed
to be bragging about their stretched by the huge vibrator  in front of pussy , her
juices flowed at which the excitation and petite ass hole, from which
sticked dildo. "I went with him all day in the young ass. It was so nice "
- softly purred Cyrus biting lower lip. Olga pretty smile, slapped his hand
on her tight small ass, and forced the girl to remove her stockings. When she removed
them, Olga put their in the small pussy of a girl, and angrily said, "Who you,
bitch, allowed to pleasure themselves, a? if your hole is a place for your
stockings or panties. thou shalt not wear them myself, but in hole. "Cyrus
quickly began to apologize - "excuse me Madam, I did not dare to do so.
Excuse me, please. I am ready to bear the most severe punishment. ""Of
course ready, dirty pussy." Olga very angry at her and taking the whip,
she is hit harder on the ass, back, belly, pussy, and Kira could just be
silent and endure. Mistress tied her hands behind her back, wore a gag and
forced to climb onto the table on his knees. Rear view was extraordinary:
Nude sexy girl on her knees bent over, sticking her ass in a rubber dildo
in pussy and nylon stockings which flows down from the excitement juices.

Favorite lesbian ass hole. Part 2

Olga was looking forward to a wonderful evening. She knew that her own slut
will do anything to please her. And 10 minutes in the doorway appeared a
completely different girl: to Cyrus were torn black stockings, a short
black leather skirt that barely covered her already wet pussy and young small ass is 
covered dildo, and the collar. Olga looked at her and rudely told to "crawl
to me slut. you know where to start. "Cyrus dutifully got on her knees, her
ass sticking out, she crawled to a chair and began to greedily cover the
legs of the Mistress kisses. Olga has managed to push legs, revealing its
charms. Kira ran as the last whore on how she loved  this imperious girl.
Her lips covered with kisses delicate skin, rapidly sucking up a reddened
pussy Mistress. Kira raised imploring eyes, as if asking permission in Olga,
  but Olga  just  pressed by the hair of girl  to face on her wet pussy. "And
do not dare to disobey, and that you will have to wait for punishment."
Kira was more excited, and began diligently and energetically licking favorite young pussy
lips and clitoris . She closed her eyes and does not hide pleasure,
began to lick the inside Lady, eagerly tongue piercing. From this caress
Olga softly moaned, she loved the girl's tongue. She beat her cheeks, her
hair in a clenched fist, forced to lick her small ass hole (free video here), saying "that's it. clever slut. try again, and could later I will to fuck   in the both of your hole.....

Favorite lesbian ass hole. Part 1

Favorite lesbian ass hole. Part 1
The apartment of  two lesbian sex was hot. Always.
Olga was sitting in a chair and drank wine. She was waiting for brunette
They already know, their connected only sex. This  bright, passionate,
hungry sex girls . But they loved each other so that began living together.
Their sex life is their own world. Olga loved by Kira for obedience, she
was  sexuality and fantastik  . She loved fuck from beloved, in effect
making the sex slave. Sometimes it came to violence, which led both to the
summit of bliss and excitement. And Kira was only too happy become a whore
of her Mistress. Both   been the impressive , in Olga was  beautiful
breasts, the nipple which was pierced and supple ass. Kira looked mediocre,
as usual office worker. But after seeing her in the living room, and Lady
in stockings dressing gown, she lustfully smiled and kissed hungrily into
her full lips.